Tackling Business,
Leadership and Teamwork Challenges Together 

Did you know the U.S. Census Bureau projects that by 2055, the U.S. will not have a single racial or ethnic majority?

Custom Engagements for Every Situation

TLJN Client Journey ModelSM

Step 1:
Clarify the Why?

Discovery session, confirm alignment & discuss the “Why”

Step 2:
Journey of understanding and purpose

Unlocking awareness, and business Goals/Values defined

Step 3:

Strategic plan & Coaching plan(s) defined Accountability model established, on-going education

Step 4:
Behavioral & Culture Shift

New behavioral & social norms, “walking the talk”

Step 5:

Embodied values, welcoming differences, inclusive culture

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Our engagements are done in three (3) month cycles and the duration is informed by both our clients need and number of team members involved in the transformation initiative.  We start with a complimentary discovery session.  Out of that meeting, you will receive a documented recommendation that includes a detailed cost, duration, and executable plan for our engagement. We focus on a comprehensive approach, as our commitment is to support you in culture change.

Our packages are all inclusive and include strategy support and planning, facilitation services and executive coaching.   

Culture change is required but how does this happen?

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We know we need DEI in our strategic plan but where do we start?

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How do we maximize success with our 4+ generational cohorts?

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Our staff is telling us to do more, but what does that mean?

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How do we become more Accessibility? How do you measure Inclusion and Belonging?

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Do you find yourself asking the questions above?  Do you already have a plan and want to make sure some of these business challenges are incorporated?  Our engagements take your specific needs into account, and customized for your business and team.

Uncovering and Exploring the WHY

Our initial program kick off meeting will include the program/DEI sponsor and the Executive Sponsor.  During this meeting we continue to explore your WHY together with your business goals and objectives.  This phase may include 1 or more meetings and during this phase, we may create and release surveys, to obtain more information to better inform the customer journey towards Inclusivity. 

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Unlocking Awareness and defining the plan

After your “Why” is established, Step 2 of the journey begins to unlock awareness as a team and as individual leaders.  We do this through a variety of tools/techniques from leveraging our mental fitness program as a group or individual leader, to facilitating team building and educational sessions.  During this step, leaders are challenged to reflect and ensure there is a commitment to journey ahead. 

Step 3 through Step 5 are fully customized and determined based on what we uncover during the first two steps. 

Discover how your unique strategy can lead to your team’s success.

“Race is neither an essence nor an illusion, but rather an ongoing, contradictory, self-reinforcing process subject to the macro forces of social and political struggle and the micro effects of daily decisions . . .”   Ian F. Haney-Lopez, (1994)