Do you find yourself asking these questions …

Does the team have a hard time communicating?

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Are deadlines missed and finger pointing occurs – is the team stuck and not moving towards goals?

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Is your team diverse but not delivering against results and/or not working well together?

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Is it difficult to collaborate and/or do team members avoid each other?

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If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ contact us so we can create a custom solution for your team.

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We offer educational and team facilitation services.

if you need these, see our Client Journey so we can be sure to address all of your needs.

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Our education and facilitation services focus on creating brave spaces for participants to explore the content, personally and as a group.  This allows us to meet our participants where they are so the service we deliver is both accessible and relevant to them. The session design and approach differs for group facilitation services compared to educational programming.  Group facilitation will be focused on an end result determined by client need; while Education services will include content, small & large group discussion and experiential exercises to facilitate participant learning. By adapting our approach based on the client need, we are able to make meaning connections and deliver a tangible impact. 

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility education programming is packaged as part of our Strategic Services. 

See below for our Resiliency and Mental Fitness programming.

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Lisa's Purpose: To live with intention and find joy while constantly learning, and sharing with others.

Community Resiliency Model


The Community Resiliency Model (CRM) has largely been used with individuals and communities, which have been marginalized either by economic challenges, ethnicity, natural and human-made disasters. Applying CRM proactively with an entire community or neighborhood that is chronically stressed can alleviate the symptoms of chronic stress placing the community and its members in a better position to change their situation by increasing their resiliency. There is a substantial and growing evidence base for the efficacy of CRM in reducing anxiety, depression, somatic symptoms and hostility indicators (State of California, Mental Health Act, CRM Innovation Project, 2013).

CRM sessions will allow participants to learn :

  • Why the Trauma Resource Institute and CRM in my Inclusion and Belonging work
  • Intersectionality – how identity influences our nervous system dysregulation
  • Common human reactions related to stressful/traumatic experiences
  • ACES & PACES – how childhood lived experiences inform our biological reactions to stress and traumatic experiences
  • How to Skills:  1 Foundational concept and 3 wellness skills participants can use to regulate the nervous system
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Stress Management

We offer complimentary, virtual stress management sessions. Join us to explore the Community Resiliency Model and how you can easily incorporate it into your life to improve your ability to manage stress. 

Effective communication generates 4.5 times higher talent retention

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