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Trust – that’s the doorway 

I am part of a system that has been working on 'going through the door.'

 We spent quite a bit of time in our last class, exploring this because the group, the system,  felt ‘stuck’.  Personally, I was focused on challenging myself and being intentional on which identity I was showing up as in this system – Lisa, the person, or Lisa, the Inclusion & Belonging strategist.  The experience for me is very different depending on this very important mindset – and extremely intriguing when you explore Identity Theory……AND it wasn’t until today, this morning on my walk – as I push myself to start blogging, and reflect on this experience last week and that is when I realized, Trust is the doorway – for me.  How do you define your doorway when working with people?  What circumstances and states have to be in place to really lean in with people?

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